User Interface Design and Usability

This is page contains links to HCI and User Interface Design related web sites that may help you with User Interface Design. Links include corporate sites, industry GUI and WEB style guides, Universities that have HCI or User Interface Design related activities.
The links have been put in the following categories:

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User Interface Design Style Guides


Web Design Style Guides


Useful User Interface Design and HCI References

* HCI Resources: Guidelines, Styleguides, and Standards - Collection of links to various resources
* HCI resources on the Net (Yahoo listing)
* HCI Index - A collection different resources on Human-Computer-Interaction
* User Interaction Design Web
* comp.human-factors - A newsgroup for questions and information related to HCI in general
* HCI Related Material on the Web - A collection of pages that point to many different resources on Human-Computer-Interaction.
* Human - Computer Interaction Virtual Library - a meta-index of information on human-computer interaction.
* Graphics Visualization & Usability Center - A searchable database of research related to User Interface and Usability, and other cool topics like Animation, Multimedia, and Hypertext.

Associations and Organizations

IBM User Interface Links

Microsoft User Interface Links


Microsoft Research User Interfaces Group - A page about a group at Microsoft that is researching future user interface technologies. Discusses a project called Persona which is exploring conversational assistants (little animated characters) to interact with users.

* The Windows ® Interface Guidelines for Software Design

Apple User Interface Links

UNIX User Interface Links

* The Open Group
* Interface Design for Sun's WWW Site - Part of Sun Microsystems site that shows their numerous iterations of home page and icon designs, as well as a description of the usability engineering methods used in their design process.

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

* World Wide Web Usability  - Abstracts from the International Journal of Human Computer Studies.
* Bad Human Factors Designs -  Examples of bad human factors designs from everyday life.


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